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Plantation Plants - Toowoomba Indoor Plant Hire
Live indoor plants are water efficient air cleaners, removing harmful toxins given off by furnishings and equipment, as well as creating a pleasant place to work in and visit.

The plant-scape of your company’s office will have a positive impact on your clients and visitors as well as increasing productivity, reducing sick leave and contributing to creating happier employees. Indoor plants add a noticeable energy to the workplace. We here at Plantation Plants take care to use the most appropriate plants with reference to form, shape and size.

Indoor plants should be part of your overall strategy to maximise staff performance. Everyone knows a potted indoor plant can add life to a room, but these tropical plants are not just easy on the eye – they can also boost your mood. Hiring Indoor plants can provide surprising health benefits by reducing incidences of headaches, stress, colds and heart conditions in offices, homes and hospitals.

Plantation Plants is 100% committed to providing our clients with only fresh & healthy plants from our extensive plant range and an equally wide variety of the latest and most stylish of plant pots and containers and maintaining them to that high standard. We cater our plant rentals for small offices to large shopping centres.

Whether you’re in Toowoomba, or the surrounding area, when you hire plants from us, we do all the work - you simply enjoy the benefits. The results of having live indoor plants will surprise you!  Bringing the garden indoors creates a wonderful environment in which to work.

Plantation Plants Van

Long Term Hire
• Hire of a wide range of plants, planters, pots & containers
• Servicing – offices, foyers, reception areas, private clubs, hotels, motels, shopping centres, retail stores and showrooms
• Free quotes, site inspections
• Interior plant design
• Quality indoor plant hire and maintenance

Long Term Hire and Maintenance includes regular visits by a qualified technician for:
• Watering
• Fertilising
• Cleaning
• Trimming
• Replacement maintenance
• Control of plant pest and diseases

Temporary Hire
• Weddings
• Functions
• Shows

Temporary hire includes the delivery, supply and pickup of plants for a function